The World's Best Cannabis Nutrients

Lotus cannabis Nutrients were developed in Northern California by growers, for growers. Designed to replace obsolete liquid nutrient recipes, our simple three-part system provides cannabis plants with everything they need from seed to harvest, yielding potent, flavorful, sticky buds. 

Perfect Nourishment in All Mediums



Coco Coir

Our Roots Run Deep

Roots absorb water and nutrients, and provide the foundation of a healthy cannabis plant. A more robust root structure means more nutrition to the plant, leading to faster, healthier vegetative growth and higher quality buds during the flowering stage. Whether you’re growing in soil, coco coir, or hydroponics, Lotus cannabis Nutrients ensures that your plants will have the healthiest foundation possible.

The Foundation of Successful Harvests

Don’t skip leg day! Stems store and transport water and precious nutrients from the roots of your cannabis plant to the leaves and buds. Lotus gives your plants the building blocks they need to create thicker stalks with tighter internal spacing. A thicker stem means your plants can grow larger, and will have the strength required to support the types of massive yields you can expect from Lotus Nutrients!

The Most Fire Flowers!

Have you ever heard the phrase “Garbage in, garbage out”? Just like humans, plants need proper nutrition to reach their fullest potential. No matter how much we exercise, if we eat nothing but junk, we’ll never be as strong or healthy as we could be with a proper diet. Consider Lotus Nutrients your plant’s live-in personal nutritionist. We make sure your plants are getting the nutrition they need with none of the filler that other nutrient recipes include. Our cannabis flowering nutrients promote higher terpene and cannabinoid production, so your precious pot plants will produce the stickiest of icky.

Bountiful Big Bud Bonanza!

Why choose quantity or quality when you can have both? By combining the best veg nutrients with the best flowering nutrients, not only with your yields increase, but the quality will too! With Lotus cannabis Nutrients, your harvests will go from grams to bushels on your very first grow!

Pure & Simple, Perfected!

Let’s face facts: liquid cannabis nutrients are mostly water. When you order liquid nutrients, you’re spending most of your money to have water shipped to your door. Lotus cannabis Nutrients are pure, easy to use, and boosted by decades of grower experience and experimentation. Plus, our grow support team is always just a phone call away!