Lotus Nutrients

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the consistency different than other powders on the market?

Due to the complexity of our powdered blend, it will have a consistency similar to kinetic sand and is exactly as it should be. Its unique texture is caused by the multitude of essential micro and macro nutrients we use in our mix, and is one of the primary reasons lotus is so utilized and loved by your plants. To be honest it's a miracle of chemistry that we are even able to get this entire formulation all into one bottle. Take a scoop, take a chance, and let the results speak for themselves. You wont be disappointed and more importantly, your plants will thank you!

My nutrients don't dissolve entirely, is this OK?

Please note that though you may see some residual undissolved humate casings left over in the solution that all nutrient content has been released, is completely usable and these left over residuals will have zero effect on your grow. Frequent water changes and mixing fresh nutrients as suggested will avoid any build up that could occur.

Can Lotus be used with soil?

When using Lotus Nutrients with a soil mix, it is important to first notice if the mix contains fertilizer and if it is ready for growing. If so you will want to let the plants establish and eat some of the initial food in the soil before adding additional nutrients. We suggest a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks depending on the soil mix before adding additional fertilizer. When using Lotus nutrients with soil we suggest using it at a strength of 75 to 80 percent strength to see how they respond, slowly working your way up to full concentration. Once you calculate how much nutrient is needed to achieve 75 to 80 percent of the suggest range, mix your nutrients using your usual watering source and water them in just as if you were regularly watering your plants. Once fed we suggest using Lotus Nutrients in soil at a rate of every other watering. Or water, feed, water, feed. This will ensure no buildup or lockouts are created in the soil mix and your plants will continue to grow happily and healthily.

Do I need to use any other products with Lotus?

Lotus was designed as an all in one product with nothing else needing to be used. Our complete pro series formulas are designed to give your plants everything they need to stay healthy, happy and above the rest, from plant to plant, harvest to harvest.

Is Lotus organic?

Lotus is a naturally derived product composed of raw ingredients containing essential Micro and macro elements for all your growing needs producing beautiful, clean end results, but is not a certified organic product.

Does Lotus work with vegetables?

Although Lotus is advertised for use with medicinal plants it works wonders in all growing applications. For vegetables I would suggest using it at a strength of 75 percent as they do not require as heavy of feeding, but you can rest assured, that your garden will be plentiful and healthy, offering a beautiful harvest with fresh taste and powerful aromas that will be sure to blow your mind!

Do you have samples?

We are more than happy to send you a sample pack of Grow, Boost, and Bloom to anywhere in the Continental US for a small shipping fee of $10. With this, we will also include a coupon for 20% OFF your entire first order, as we are positive that once you have experienced Lotus, they will be the only nutrients you'll ever want to use.

The Lotus Nutrients sample pack includes an 8oz bottle of Grow, 4oz of Boost, and 4oz and Bloom. This should be enough to treat over 35 gallons of water in the vegetative stage and 16 gallons in the flowering stage. For more information, please refer to our recommended feeding schedule. We look forward to growing with you!

Are Lotus Nutrients vegan?

Lotus is a naturally derived product with no harmful chemicals, but is not a certified Vegan fertilizer, there are very few vegan fertilizers currently available on the market at this time.

The seal came off when I opened the bottle, is that OK?

Please note that sometimes when opening the product the tamper seal may stay inside the lid, this is completely normal and as long as your products is sealed and the zip-tie is in place your product is new and OK to use!

Can you use silica with Lotus?

Silica is one of, if not the only thing that has to be suspended in liquid form, therefore we do not include it in Lotus. For all the benefits that powder offers we aimed not to sacrifice having the most complete recipe and were unable to include Silica. We suggest starting at a rate of 75 percent and working your way up when using in conjunction with our products.