Frequently Asked Questions

Lotus has a unique look and feel. Why is that?

Due to the complexity of our powdered blend, Lotus Nutrients will have a consistency similar to kinetic sand, which is exactly as it should be. Its unique texture is caused by the multitude of essential micro and macro nutrients we use in our mix (such as Kelp extract), and is one of the primary reasons Lotus is so utilized and loved by your plants. It's a miracle of modern chemistry that we are able to get this entire formulation all into one bottle! You won't be disappointed and more importantly, your plants will thank you!

Can I expect Lotus Nutrients to completely dissolve?

Although you may see some residual undissolved humate casings left over in the solution, we assure you that all nutrient content has been released. The end solution and these leftover residuals will have zero negative impact on your grow and, in fact, you will experience vibrant, healthy growth with ZERO deficiencies. Frequent water changes and mixing fresh nutrients as suggested will avoid any build up that could occur.

Can Lotus be used with soil and other types of grow media?

When using Lotus Nutrients with a soil mix, it is important to first notice if the mix contains fertilizer and if it is ready for growing. If so, you will want to let the plants establish and eat some of the initial food in the soil before adding additional nutrients. We suggest a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks depending on the soil mix before adding additional fertilizer. When using Lotus Nutrients with soil, we suggest using it at 75-80% strength to see how the plants respond, slowly working your way up to full concentration. Once you calculate how much nutrient is needed to achieve 75-80% of the suggested range, mix your nutrients using your usual watering source and water them in just as if you were regularly watering your plants. Once fed we suggest using Lotus Nutrients in soil at a rate of every other watering (water, feed, water, feed). This will ensure no buildup or lockouts are created in the soil mix and your plants will continue to experience exceptional growth.

Do I need to use any other products with Lotus?

Lotus was designed as an all-in-one product line, without the need for additional nutrients outside of the recommended feeding schedule. Our complete Pro Series formulas are designed to give your plants everything they need to stay healthy, happy and consistently produce unmatched harvests in flowering and fruiting plants.

Is Lotus organic?

Lotus is a naturally derived product composed of raw ingredients containing essential micro and macro elements for all your growing needs. As a grower, you can expect beautiful, clean end results, but is not a certified organic product.

Does Lotus work with vegetables and non-medicinal plant varieties?

Although Lotus is advertised for use with medicinal plants, it works wonders in all growing applications. For vegetables, we suggest using Lotus at 75% strength since these types of plants do not require as heavy of feeding. You can confidently grow any type of plant with Lotus Nutrients and trust that your harvest will be healthy and bountiful. Additionally, fresh taste and powerful aromas that will be sure to blow your mind!

Do you offer samples?

Certainly! We offer a cost-effective trial pack containing all the essentials you need to try out Lotus Nutrients. You can conveniently purchase this pack through Amazon or Gorilla Grow Tent. This pack is formulated to treat over 35 gallons of water during the vegetative stage and 16 gallons during the flowering stage. We're confident that once you experience the simplicity of use and witness the remarkable quality of results, you'll switch to Lotus Nutrients as your go-to nutrient choice.

Are Lotus Nutrients vegan?

Lotus is a naturally derived product with no harmful chemicals, but is not a certified vegan fertilizer. There are very few vegan fertilizers currently available on the market at this time.

Can you use silica with Lotus?

Absolutely! We suggest starting at a rate of 75 percent and working your way up when using Silica in conjunction with our products. Although Silica is not an essential nutrient for plants, Silica can reduce the threat of pests and disease by creating plants with stronger cell structures, as well as, improve nutrient absorption. If using Silica with Lotus, research indicates that it must be used during the plant’s entire life cycle.

When applying to soil, should I mix Lotus with water first?

Yes. In order for the macro and micro elements to be fully activated and utilized by the plants, Lotus should be mixed with water when applying to soil. We recommend following the feeding schedule on our website for optimal results with your specific type of media.

What is the expected shelf life?

You should try to use up your Lotus Nutrients within 2 years. However, if Lotus Nutrients are stored in proper conditions (cool & dry) they will last indefinitely. The key is to make sure they're not exposed to humidity / moisture.

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