"I'm thrilled to be one of the very first stores to be stocking Lotus Nutrients. They were the number one seller in my store this past weekend! My customers are all eager to try something simple and new. New is exciting and I like being in on the secret."
-Robert Chandler of Buds to Blooms Garden and Supply Co., Kennett Square, PA 19348

“I tested Lotus Hydroponic Nutrients in one of my rooms and was SHOCKED to see over 2 inches of plant growth overnight! I’ve since switched all my rooms over to Lotus and couldn’t be happier with the results.”
-Customer, Ohio Hydroponics

"Lotus is killer! The Grow is phenomenal and the Bloom is so easy to use. I accidentally over watered with my previous nutrient and burned my plants. I started using Lotus to see if I could save my crop. My plants went from tumbleweeds to having 5" of new growth within a week. Based on the easy application and amazing growth I saw, I will be stocking the entire line at my store."
Kelly Ross, Root Solutions Hydroponics, Lodi CA