Lotus Nutrients Sample Pack

LOTUS NUTRIENTS are the perfect nutrients for all growing conditions: soil, hydroponics, coco coir, hand feeding or auto feeder, indoor plants, or outdoor gardens.

PURE & NATURAL: Naturally derived nutrients composed of raw ingredients containing essential micro and macro elements for your indoor plants or farm – we do not source from industrial byproduct!

DO MORE WITH LESS: These 4 products are designed to exceed professional 9-12 part liquid nutrients.

BIGGEST YIELDS: Easily grow bigger, healthier plants from seed to harvest with large buds and flowers, thick stalks, and deep robust roots.

HIGHEST QUALITY: Increase smell and potency in your flowering plants with the highest quality dry nutrients.

(1) Lotus Pro Series Grow (4oz)
(1) Lotus Pro Series Bloom (4oz)
(1) Lotus Pro Series Boost (2oz)
(1) Lotus Pro Series Cal/Mag (2oz)